wasting words on
lower cases and capitals

I'm a music photographer

there's a 100% chance of me offending you at some point

in other news it seems like I don’t use this blog much but I guess that’s a plus because tumblr is terrible 

and in other other news, I’ve gotten $260 worth of things bought for me in the past week which may seem like a lot for doing nothing but some of the other girls are getting $400+ a day so I have to step up my game 

but that means maybe actually putting in effort, eh 

I’m an official college student now
my schedule is sorted out and I have my ID and everything 
I’m uncomfortable 

All night hearing voices telling me
That I should get some sleep
Because tomorrow might be good for something

(feel free to add the source if anyone owns this/knows who took it, I just wanted it cropped and with higher contrast)
look at me I feel super cute today 
Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson on the set for The Shining 

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AFI ( A Fire Inside ) by Yana Amur on Flickr.